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Cassia fistula Linn.
  • Family : Leguminosae
  • English : Indian Laburnum, Purging cassia
  • Hindi : Amaltas
  • Gujarati : Garamala, Garamalo
  • Sanskrit :Krtamala, Vyadhighata, Sampaka, Aragvadh

  • Part used : Leaves

Botanical Description:  A moderate sized deciduous tree with greenish grey smooth bark when young, and rough when old, exfoliating in hard scales; leaves pinnately compound, leaflets 4-8 pairs, ovate, acute, bright green, glabrous above, paler and silvery-pubescent beneath when young, main nerves numerous, flowers bright yellowfruits cylinderical pods, 30-60cm long, shortly stipitate, nearly straightm smooth, shiny, brownish black, seeds broadly ovate, horizontally immersed in dark coloured sweetish pulp. Flowering and fruiting from April to March It is found throughout India.

It is found throughout India.

Ayurvedic Properties and Uses:

  • Rasa : Madhura, Katu
  • Guna : Guru
  • Virya : Usna
  • Vipaka : Madhura
  • Karma : Recana

Modern Pharmacological Action: The plant has a high therapeutic value and exerts an antipyretic and analgesic effect. It has been found to exhibit antinflammatory and hypoglycaemic activity and useful against skin diseases, liver troubles, tuberculous glands and its use in the treatment of haematemesis, pruritus, leucoderma and diabetes. The leaf extract is also indicated for its anti-tussive and wound healing properties.

Our Products containing this ingredient:
Aragvadha Extract

  • Acnovin Active Syrup