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Hygrophila spinosa T. Anders
  • Family : Acanthaceae
  • Synonym : Asteracantha longifolia
  • English : Indian berberry
  • Hindi : Darhald, Daruhaldi
  • Gujarati : Daruharidra
  • Sanskrit : Kokilaksa, Talamkhana

  • Part used : Seed

Botanical Description:  It is a spiny, stout, annual herb, common in water logged place.

It is found throughout the country.

Ayurvedic Properties and Uses:

  • Rasa : Madhura
  • Guna : Snigdha
  • Virya : Sita
  • Vipaka : Madhura
  • Karma : Balya, Kaphahara, Santarpana, Vrsya, Ruchya

Modern Pharmacological Action: The plant is used as a diuretic and for the treatment of rheumatism, jaundice, inflammation, pain, hepatic obstruction, gout, bacterial infection etc. The aerial parts of the plant are reported to contain lupeol, stigmasterol and butelin while the seeds mainly contain fatty acids. Its root contains an alkaloid named hygrosterol while its flower contains apigenin 7-o-glucuronide. The leaves also contain anti-inflammatory and antipyretic activities. The plant is having low molluscicidal activity against Bulinus truncates and antitumor activity.

Our Products containing this ingredient
Kokilaksa Extract

  • Spark Royal Capsule