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Mangifera indica (Amra)
  • Family : Anacardiaceae
  • English : Mango Tree
  • Hindi : Aam, Aamb
  • Gujarati : Ambo, keri
  • Sanskrit : Amra, Chuta

  • Part used : Seed

Botanical Description: A large, spreading evergreen tree upto 45 m in heaight with a heavy doom shaped crown, straight stout bole and thick rogh dark grey bark; leaves simple, crowded at the ends of branches, linear oblong or elliptic lanceolate, acute, acuminate or sub obtuse, flowers small, pungently odorous reddish white or yellowish green. Fruits are large, fleshy drupes, green, orange yellow or red in colour, seeds solitary, enclosed in a hard complressed fibrous endocarp. Flowering and fruiting from January to June.

It occurs throughout India.

Ayurvedic Properties and Uses:

  • Rasa : Madhura, Kasaya
  • Guna : Ruksa
  • Virya : Sita
  • Vipaka : Katu
  • Karma : Vatakara, Sangrahi, Krmighna.

Modern Pharmacological Action: Mangoes are a good source of antioxidants in human diet, Anti-diabetic, Antiviral activity, Anthelmintic and anti-allergenic activity, Antiparasitic activity, Antibone resorption, Anti-tumor-anti-HIV, Antispasmodic and antipyretic activity Immunomodulatory, Anti-diarrhoea. Anti inflammatory , Anti-bacterial and antifungal activity, Hepatoprotective Gastroprotective

Our Products containing this ingredient
Amra Extract

  • Trichup AD Oil