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Polygonatum cirrhifolium Royle.
  • Family : Liliaceae
  • English : Meda
  • Hindi : Meda
  • Gujarati : Meda
  • Sanskrit : Mahameda

  • Part used : Root tuber

Botanical Description:  A herb upto 120cm in height with thick root stock, upper part of the stem creeping,leafy and grooved leaves in whorls of 4; sessile, linear acute, flowers purplish tinged with white and green, 2-3 together, fruits blue black spherical berries, red when ripe. Flowering and fruiting frm August to November.

It generally occurs in the Himalayas.

Ayurvedic Properties and Uses:

  • Rasa : Madhura
  • Guna : Guru, Snigdha
  • Virya : Sita
  • Vipaka : Madhura
  • Karma : Sukravardhaka, Brmha¸a, Jivaniya, Pittahara, Stanyajanna, Vatahara, Vrsya,
                 Kaphavardhaka, Rucya

Modern Pharmacological Action: The roots are cardiotonic, sialagogue, stimulant and tonic. The roots are used in Tibetan medicine where they are said to have a sweet taste and a neutral potency. Antitussive, carminative and tonic, they promote bodily heat and dry up serous fluids. They are used in the treatment of loss of vigour, pain in the kidneys and hips, swelling and fullness in the abdominal region, accumulation of fluids in bone joints, skin eruptions and coughs.

Our Products containing this ingredient
Meda Herb

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  • Mahanarayan Oil