Stability studies and Estimation of heavy metals  
  Stability is essential for the Ayurvedic Medicine. In ayurveda, shelf life of different ayurvedic dosage form is mentioned but when we are dealing with P&P formulation it is necessary to check its shelf life. Stability of ayurvedic formulation is equally important at different conditions as per ICH Guideline. Accelerated stability and Real time stability study is important to check quality of the products at various intervals till expiry date. Data of stability study is helpful to assess the quality of the products in the different conditions.  
  People are afraid of herbomineral formulation due to wrong interpretation. There is a quaestion of safety and efficacy of the herbomineral formulations. We all know that “Rasaushadhi” (Herbomineral Formulation) is an integral part of Ayurveda, and describes the use of metals and minerals for chronic disorders in various combinations, dosage forms and at various levels of purities but it is necessary to prepared it properly. VRC want to provide safe and effective formulations to the community. VRC is quantifying the heavy metals as per WHO guideline in formulations and raw materials. All the formulations of Vasu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. comes to the market is passed through heavy metal analysis.